Web Analytics Data Collection Strategy

20 May

What type of information do various websites want to track about you and other visitors? How can the website’s structure assist with measuring the most important KPIs?

The most important visitor behaviour and actions on their site would include the following:

  1. Which department(s) is of interest to them.
  2. Which products are they viewing and are most interested in.
  3. Site registration via an “Account”.
  4. Their purchase history including preferred methods of shipment and payment.
  5. Their language preference as it is possible to switch to “en français”.

Considering the structure of the site’s URLs, the hierarchy indicates that the following can be used for measurement purposes of the most important Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Each department, product, promoted item has a unique URL which can be tracked and subsequently used for making suggestions of other products which may be of interest.
  2. They use a URL hierarchy and elaborate parameters extensively for each department and product on their site.
  3. The “Recently Viewed Items” is using cookie values to track the products of interest to the online shopper.
  4. The “Wish List” keeps track of items for quick reference in a more permanent manner after the visitor has created an “Account”.
  5. For their marketing campaigns, they use a separate URL with the word “billboard” when the shopper clicks on the product from their promotion web pages.
  6. The URLs contain the text “ref=” in order to track the referral web pages.



  1. About Cookies:
  2. Setting up Goals in Google Analytics:
  3. Tracking marketing campaigns in Google Analytics:
  4. Digital Marketing and Analytics Blog: Web Analytics Technical Implementation Best Practices (JavaScript Tags) by Avinash Kaushik


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